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Predis install procedure (Ubuntu 12.04)

I chose Redis for its speed, flexibility and extreme ease of use. There are some very efficient API for every langages out there, but I had to use it with PHP, and the correct (and simplest) way to install it was not so easy to find. (the PHP API for Redis is called Predis) Anyway,

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A complete client/server bluetooth state diagram

Well, I started my evening figuring out that I could easily write a state diagram for my bluetooth connection system. Such a naive guy !!


Let your virtual keyboard (IME) be seen by Android

During the development of my virtual keyboard (IME : Input Method Editor), I had a problem. I was not able to activate the new keyboard, or even to git it showing in the keyboard list.

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My IR keyboard for Android – Part 2

Well, this went fast ! Almost 2 hours after the beggining of this project, here it is : a functional proof-of-concept.

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My IR keyboard for Android – Part 1

Well, I had a dream yesterday. I was looking at a bunch of old and useless electronic furnitures (every real geek has craves of these stuff), and this little thing caught my eyes :

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