My IR keyboard for Android – Part 1


Well, I had a dream yesterday. I was looking at a bunch of old and useless electronic furnitures (every real geek has craves of these stuff), and this little thing caught my eyes :

I bought this wireless keyboard ages ago, when I was using my good old T5 Palm on a regular basis. I must admit that I did not use it very often, but anyway, it was there, and the fact that it was an IR device made it the champion of all my totally useless stuffs.

Or was it ? I was thinking in myself “hey, a wireless keyboard for my Android tablet would be really cool to type email or blog posts almost as fast as on my PC…”

Then another voice said (yes I have many voices in my head) “It won’t work, because it’s not bluetooth. It uses infrared-communication, and you don’t own any device that uses IR anymore”.

- “Not true : there’s my Palm out there… It’s still working, even if the only one who’s still using it is your 5-years-old little girl, who’s listening mp3 on it”

- “Well, but what if I could make the Palm send the keystrokes to the Android tablet, with the bluetooth stack ?”

Huuummmm. Sounded good.

Obviously, I started browsing the web to know if someone ever did this. I didn’t find anything apart from a guy asking for it in Stackoverflow network.
However, what I’ve found was that bluetooth keyboard were not supported (in standard) on Android devices. And I didn’t want my solution to rely on an external software (those trying to get this working do not seem to be perfect btw, if you read the Google Play comments from users)

Thus, to complete my project, I had to make two different software :

  • One on the Palm, which receives the keystrokes from the IR keyboard, and send them to the Android device via bluetooth.
  • One on the Android, which acts as a virtual keyboard, and transmits the keystrokes it recieves.

It seems so easy !
Ok, enough chit-chat, I’ve work to do and code to write !

(to be continued…)

3 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    Hi, thanks for the apk. I haven’t been able to run it jet but thanks for posting it.

  2. itzik2sh says:


    I have LG G2 with IR blaster and Stowaway IR wireless keyboard and I was wondering if I can use both without the mediator.
    I am not finding anything on the net.
    Do you have any information that can help me ?

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