IR Keyboard

IR keyboard is a software which allows the use of an IR keyboard for Palm to be used with an Android device.

Obviously you will need :

  • An Android device (a tablet or a phone)
  • A Palm (any model would do, but it must have bluetooth support)
  • An IR keyboard (it should work with the Palm)

Simply download this package , then :

  • Install both files on the devices (prc on Palm, apk on Android)
  • On the Android, go to the preferences/keyboard, then enable the “IR Keyboard”

Install is done. Now, to use the software, just :

  • On Android, click on a text field to display the virtual keyboard.
  • Put the Palm on your keyboard and launch the program.
  • Connect the softwares (can be done from Palm or Android, either way).

That’s it. You should be able to type in any field using the keyboard. Have fun !

(Please note that this software is in an early development stage, and can still have some bugs. Please report any suggestion you have)

More informations on these blog posts :

16 Responses

  1. RondaB says:

    Do you have to always have the Palm with you to use the keyboard? Are you just connecting the keyboard to the Palm and transferring the keystrokes via bluetooth?

    • Orabig says:

      Well, yes, you have to.

    • Brian Bishop says:

      I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I love my palms and the fold up ir keyboard is way great. Thanks for your time and effort! I have a question tho; my pad has an ir port, any way to link it right to the keyboard? Seems like it should be easy, but, I am no expert. BB.

  2. RondaB says:

    Nevermind. I found the original blog that included a diagram explaining exactly what I asked.

  3. Mark Frazier says:

    Will this work for a Belkin IR foldable keyboard and and Acer Iconia A100 with Android 4.0.3?


  4. Franz says:

    Nice concept! Would this work with a non-Android’s BT keyboard interface or are the two pieces of software completely interdependent?

  5. uwe rehberg says:

    Very interesting. a practical use for me would be a connection from my very good palm keyboard to my google nexus via an ir-usb-stick. ;-)

  6. Frank says:

    Great idea, but it would be nice to have an iOS app developed, so you can just take the keyboard and link it up to the iPad/via bluetooth or for an Android to link it as bluetooth. The use of a secondary device is a little cumbersome.
    Gratitude to you for your development skills.

  7. Daniellogic says:

    HI, the android apk refuses to work on a note 10.1 and a s3 (android 4.2.1 and 4.3), am I doing something wrong ?. The very moment I check the keyboard it says it stopped working :c.

  8. Israel says:

    Awesome… I’ve benn looking for something like it from long time… cuz lov my “now uselees ir keyboard”.
    Grat work, seriously…. Now I have a suggestion…

    If you can transmit also movememnts on palm screen as a touchpad, emulating as well on screen basic buttons like “back, home, menu, and search “… this sound veri nice….
    Then you can put that on Googleplay and I’m shure will be a hit…. most of android user came from a palm, and most of them have this keyboard stored somewhere…
    Best regards and good luck!!

  9. Stephen says:

    This is a cool concept. I found this site when i was searching for ways to connect my NEO by Alphasmart keyboard to my HTC One (M7) through the IR port that each device has.

    My hope was that your app would allow an IR to IR connection, but it looks like your app feeds off the bluetooth of the palm. Would IR to IR be feasible with your app?

    When connected to the computer via USB the Neo passes on keystrokes as if it were a keyboard. I assume this is also how its IR port functions, but i’m not certain.

    Thank you

  10. pere says:

    My HTC one m8 could use an IR keyboard directly, because it has IR port. Could you developp it please

    • Orabig says:

      Sure, I could. Just send me your HTC one m8 and an IR keyboard so that I can do some tests, and I will do that for you… ;)

  11. Luis Grácio says:

    My android tablet is not able to connect the palm, am I doing anything wrong? Message appear of interruption IR keyboard. Any software update is available? Thanks.

    • Orabig says:

      I’m afraid not, because it’s been a very long time I didn’t work on this project (and neither did I checked my blog obviously….)

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