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A complete client/server bluetooth state diagram

Well, I started my evening figuring out that I could easily write a state diagram for my bluetooth connection system. Such a naive guy !!


Let your virtual keyboard (IME) be seen by Android

During the development of my virtual keyboard (IME : Input Method Editor), I had a problem. I was not able to activate the new keyboard, or even to git it showing in the keyboard list.

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My IR keyboard for Android – Part 2

Well, this went fast ! Almost 2 hours after the beggining of this project, here it is : a functional proof-of-concept.

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My IR keyboard for Android – Part 1

Well, I had a dream yesterday. I was looking at a bunch of old and useless electronic furnitures (every real geek has craves of these stuff), and this little thing caught my eyes :

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How to Hotsync a Palm on a Windows 7 64bits ?

For a new project, I need to develop on my old Tungsten T5. But to do this, I also need a way to install my software on the device, and the problem is that Hotsync seems to be incompatible with Windows 7 64 bits.


How to launch notepad++ from Cygwin

Using Cygwin can be frustrating when it comes to edit text files. Of course, you can use vi, but, hey… It’s the XXIst century now, and there are more advanced editors out there ! Notepad++┬áis one of the best free text editor on Windows. But is it possible to run it from your Cygwin console

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How-to run logstash as a service under Linux

This article explains in detail how to run logstash as a service on a Linux server. Read the article.

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